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Elisa Drone Racing League (EDRL) brings competetive FPV flying to Baltics and Finland in a world class scale! Drone racing stands for carbon-fibre quadcopters, which go head to head on a track and naturally, the fastest one wins. The quadcopters are equipped with cameras, which send the live feed to the goggles which the pilot is wearing, so that the pilot can operate the quad through the gates and the obstacles. The racing speed can be up to 200km/h. To be able to control his drone on a track filled with obstacles, the pilot needs to have lighting fast reflexes, excellent piloting skills and super tight nerves.

Current Event

Entry fee is 20€ on site. Pre-registration is due on friday before the race. 24 places are given out on first come-first served basis.


View all events in EDRL Facebook for most recent information.

Current Season


Elisa Drone Racing League is the premiere Estonian drone racing series. Participants from all Baltic countries and Finland will be racing throughout a series of  events to compete for the overall win and 1000€ cash prize from Elisa Eesti. Racing drones that can speeds up to 200 km/h, are piloted by professionals, using wireless on-board cameras (FPV - first person view). Using video goggles, this gives pilot the perspective of being inside a drone.


Pilots compete on circuit made from different obstacles and to win the race pilot has to complete the biggest amount of laps. Since the race is only two minutes long and the pilots have to navigate around three obstacles every second, this requires perfect reflexes and leaves no margin for errors. 


Please note the following rules are a subject to change depending on venue, number of pilots or other conditions at a specific event. 


Every pilot will have no less than 8 attempts to qualify for top 18 spots in the ranking table in order to make it to the finals.

Each qualification is two minutes long, and only the best overall result will count in the ranking table. Result are ranked by amount of laps completed within two minutes + time to complete the last lap.


At the end of qualifications top 18 pilots are divided to A, B, C, etc finals and the finals will be raced from lowest to highest. In each final top two pilots will rise to next final, until A final, where the pilots will race for the podium.


Technical requirements for drones


There are two sets of rules that are enforced dependent on the size of the track that is used for the event:


Technical requirements for indoor events

  1. AUW - Air unit weigth 175g(+ weight of timing transponder)

  2. Prop size max 3 inch

  3. No battery limit

  4. 8 LED lights that can be changed between red, green, blue and yellow.

  5. JR Lead, with 5V output for I-Lap transponder


Technical requirements for outdoor events

  1. AUW-Air unit weigth 800g (+ weight of timing transponder)

  2. Prop size unlimited

  3. No battery limit

  4. 8 LED lights that can be changed between red, green, blue and yellow.

  5. JR Lead, with 5V output for I-Lap transponder



The races are held at different places all over Estonia, with some races abroad. Locations are confirmed no less than 7 days before the event.



The Winner of EDRL season 2018 will be taking home 1000€ prize money from Elisa Eesti, so please be sure to get your entries in, as we can't accomodate more than 36 pilots.

Season points

Points are given to every pilot at the end of each race according to the following system:

1. place 20p

2. place 19p

3. place 18p


4. place 1p.


If more than 20 pilots participate the race the maximum amount of point will be equal to the amount of pilots, for example when 30 pilots participate the winner gets 30 point, second 29 etc. For overall ranking only the best six result for every pilot will be counted.

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-20180415DRL 2018.04 _ HOBIzone0208
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20180513 EDRL_Riga0053
-20180415DRL 2018.04 _ HOBIzone0227
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Season 2018

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